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Intro Offers

4 Private Lessons $278

4 Small Group Classes $168





Private Lessons

Taking care of your body is taking control of your wellbeing.

Private lessons are self-care bodywork that gives both immediate and lasting changes. It takes regular practice tailored to YOUR body as it changes to get the best results.  


Our Pilates teachers are certified and have years of teaching experience. 


We specialize in tailored one-on-one private lessons and very small group classes.


At least 4 Private lessons are required before joining classes. This is to preserve your safety in the technique, safety using the Reformer, and to maintain the flow of the class. 

In private lesson we create a program for you that is based on your priorities and learning style. 

The studio is set-up for safe social distancing while exercising. 

The studio is set-up for safe social distancing while exercising. 





Small Group Classes

We offer personalized training in small group classes. Our in-studio classes are limited to 4 people so we can give the safe and personalized instruction. 

Pilates is progressive skill building through scalable movement sequences. In small group classes, you will work more independently within the group rhythm.

Our classes have a distinctive dynamic and flow. You can learn the fundamental skills in Private lessons. You can schedule Private lesson in the studio or on Zoom. 

We recommend starting with a minimum of 4 Private lessons before joining classes and to continue taking Private lessons in addition to classes. Your teacher will help to prepare you so you have a safe, effective experience in class. 



Like everyone lately, we are rebuilding our community. If you are interested in classes we would like to talk! 

If you are interested in taking the FAST TRACK to small group apparatus classes contact us for upcoming details. 


The studio is set-up for safe social distancing while exercising. 


Single Service

Private $100

Class $48




5 Pack $388

Subscription: 4 Monthly $288




5 Pack $213

Subscription: 8 Monthly $278


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Through my process of learning about my own body I became very interested in the history and development of Pilates. The more I learned, the more fascinated I was with how working with a few basic principles and a clearly defined purpose, you could work your body in intense, deep, and complicated ways with a sense of ease and effortlessness. I started teacher training to deepen my knowledge and understanding of my body, but I became a teacher because I realized having someone help you learn to be at home in your body is a truly wonderful gift that I want to pass on.