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Our teachers are certified through rigorous apprenticeships within internationally recognized teacher-training programs. A teacher of classical Pilates spends at least a year training and testing for certification. We are proud that all our teachers are certified as classical Pilates teachers. 

We are looking for new teachers or apprentices to join our team! 

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A lifelong modern dancer and a former aerial dancer with the Robert Davidson Dance Company, Kinesdia founder, Christl discovered Pilates as a way to regain core strength for aerial dance after pregnancy. She also learned she could control the sciatic pain that she has had since her teens.


Christl trained at Pilates Seattle International with Lauren Stephan, Dorothee Vandewalle, and Lori Coleman-Brown and was certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 1999. She has been teaching full-time since then.

Thanks to Pilates, Christl found a fascinating career that she loves and allowed her to become a business owner. Last year, she passed the 50 years-old mile-marker and is grateful for this powerful tool that fights the effects of aging.

Christl loves adapting and refining the work to the individual.


"I love seeing Pilates change people’s bodies and how it helps people control the effects of aging so they can move with ease and balance through all their life."


Jordan has been teaching at Kinesia Pilates for 5 years. She started her teaching career with a Mat Pilates Certification with Michele Miller at Cornish College of the Arts in 2014, then in 2018, she earned a full certification by Romana’s Pilates at Pilates Seattle International. She also holds a BFA in Dance from Cornish College of the Arts and a Barre fitness certification.

As a dancer in her teens and early twenties, Jordan began developing injuries related to imbalance and overuse due to a rigorous training schedule. Each time these issues would pop up, she would return to training with a Pilates instructor to work on strengthening and repatterning her way of approaching dance and movement. As a teacher, Jordan balances working with control and intense focus with finding freedom and joy in movement.

"There’s nothing I love more than travelling to experience art and culture, eat and drink amazing things, and meet people that become lifelong friends!"


Gay's journey to Pilates started when her daughter, Christl needed practice clients during her own training. She discovered an interesting and varied practice that she knew she could use to explore her own body without becoming bored. This led to Gay training at Seattle Pilates International with Romana Kryzanowska, her daughter Sari, and Dorothee VandeWalle.

As a teacher, Gay's practice always includes not only the Pilates forms but elements of body awareness and mindfulness. This is a full-body approach to teaching that Gay feels is essential to living a long and rich life.


Gay is also a flatwater kayak enthusiast:

"Paddling is a terrific therapy for my upper body and the backwaters that I enjoy are good for my soul."

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Our boutique studio is located at the south end of downtown in the heart of the bohemian Pioneer Square neighborhood. We have worked to create a warm and inviting space in a historic building with hardwood floors and exposed brick walls.


After training, visit world-class restaurants, check out the music scene or the eclectic dinner theater around the corner.

There are a variety of hotels within an easy walk, or you can rent a bike from the public kiosk to get around. The public transit hub and King St. Station are just a few blocks away. 



Kinesia Pilates offers personalized Pilates lessons, small-group classes, and movement coaching in Seattle's Pioneer Square and online.

314 1st Ave South,  Seattle, WA 98104

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