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Private Lessons

Private lessons are personal training in Pilates tailored to your needs and goals. In private lessons, you will learn at your own pace and focus on your own priorities.

Small Group Classes

Get personalized training in a small-group setting. Learn how to get amazing results fast using the Reformer and Mat in small group Pilates classes.


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The original mat is composed of dynamic movement sequences. Not every exercise is for everybody every time, but there is something for everyone to aspire to! The entire series of 34 exercises is meant to be done in 45 minutes with strong dynamic, fluid control, and focused precision.

Return to life Workshop        Feburay 24 2018

All levels are welcome. Pick up some fun new challenges! What you cannot do will show you where you need to focus your efforts to succeed. Basic adaptations for common limitations will be taught, as well as how to use therapeutic rollers, straps, yoga blocks, and therabands as assists.

march matness - 34 exercises
global challenge

Join the Pilates community in an international online celebration of Pilates Mat! March Matness is a fun event where participants can connect with each other on social media using the power of the hashtag. Each day is dedicated to one exercise in the sequence from “Return to Life”.