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Pilates has a lot to offer in a short amount of time. If you are looking for an effective way to strengthen and energize your core strength, measurably increase your flexibility, and improve your balance and mind/body connection, Pilates is what you are looking for. Pilates in Seattle is a popular low-impact workout that gets results. Taking Pilates classes is an investment in your health and well-being that will never go out of style or get worn out. Regular Pilates workouts will help you maintain a healthy weight and build your self-confidence. Pilates is effective for building functional muscular strength, improving spinal flexibility, and energizing your posture.

What are Pilates Classes Like?

Pilates classes are 55 minutes. Kinesia Pilates classes include mat work, which is done with no equipment, and equipment workouts with top-of-the-line Reformers and other apparatus that your Seattle Pilates studio offers. The exercises and movements are functional, full body movements that constantly change. Pilates is progressive skill building through learnable movement sequences, so the more often you come the better your workout. Pilates uses mental focus and breath control throughout a brisk, flowing workout that is balanced and centering. A beginner or rehabilitative workout is focused on body awareness, while advanced work is athletic with a focus on smooth, controlled transitions, energetic and dynamic movement, and perfect posture. Kinesia Pilates offers personal training in Private lessons and personalized training in small group classes. We recommend starting in Private lessons to learn the tactical skills and the technique for your workout. You can also start by join Intro Reformer classes to learn how to use the Reformer in a small group. Learn more about our classes.

What Benefits Does Pilates Offer?

The list of benefits you will gain by practicing Pilates is as strong and powerful as the workout itself:

● Increased strength

● Sculpted muscles

● Flatter abdominal muscles

● Increased flexibility

● Better posture

● Stress reduction

● Improved Energy

● Self-Confidence

How Often Should You Schedule A Pilates Workout?

To obtain the best results, plan on attending a class several times a week.

Does Pilates Help You Lose Weight?

Pilates is considered strength training and increasing muscle mass helps burn calories. Weight gain is often associated with a sedentary lifestyle, over-indulgence, or being sidelined due to injury. Pilates classes will improve your strength, flexibility, posture, and help you feel more in control of your body. The result is more self-confidence and a new general conditioning practice to balance out what your body needs. Additional cardio exercises such as running, cycling, or swimming are will increase your results for weight loss.

What Is The Best Way To Start Pilates?

If you want to change your body we recommend starting in Private lessons. In a Private lesson, we meet you where you are and tailor your lessons to your learning style. You will work at your own pace instead of being tied to the group dynamic. Later, when you feel confident with the technique and equipment, we invite you to join small group classes at Kinesia Pilates Studio in Seattle. Since Reformer workouts require tactical knowledge, one-on-one instruction is the best way to get started. If you’re a seasoned athlete, or you’re happy with the fitness level of your abdominal and low back muscles, we still recommend starting in Private lessons so you can advance more quickly. In the beginning, your lessons are designed for gaining better body control, getting your mind and body connected, strengthening a weak core, increasing functional flexibility, or whatever it is that you need. As you advance you will discover that regular Pilates workouts will bring you new agility challenges, while the full-body movements will help strengthen your weakest links and improve your flexibility. Pilates is much more than fitness, it is an investment in a complex movement system that is adaptable to your needs and goals, both in the studio or working on your own.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are personal training in Pilates tailored to your needs and goals. In private lessons, you will learn at your own pace and focus on your own priorities.

Small Group Classes

Get personalized training in a small-group setting. Learn how to get amazing results fast using the Reformer and Mat in small group Pilates classes.

Getting Started With The Basic Pilates Equipment

The Reformer

As explained above, the Reformer is a bed-like frame with a sliding carriage attached to one end with a set of springs. These can be adjusted to provide different levels of resistance. There are also shoulder blocks on the carriage to stops you from sliding off as you push or pull.

A foot-bar is attached at the spring end of the reformer. It can be used by your hands or feet as you move the carriage along. Long straps with handles are attached to the other end of the frame. These can be pulled with your arms or legs.

To use the Reformer, you can lie, sit or stand on it. Exercises can be done to push, pull or hold the carriage steady while the springs provide the right amount of resistance needed. You strengthen the entire range of motion of your muscles as they resist the force of the springs. This is called eccentric muscle contraction and is excellent for achieving strong, flexible muscles.

The Cadillac and Towers

At first glance, the Cadillac looks more like a medieval torture device than a piece of exercise equipment. Standing about 6 feet tall, it consists of a bed with a mat on it and a three-sided frame going over the top and attached to either end of the bed. Attached to the frame are various devices like leg springs, arm springs, loops to hang from, a push-through bar and a trapeze.

Because of its large size, many times the Cadillac is not used in group classes but may be included in private Pilates classes. The Cadillac can accommodate all kinds of stretching exercises, and you'll feel like a gymnast when you use it!

Towers are the Cadillac without the entire frame. Kinesia Pilates in Seattle is equipped with three Towers and a Cadillac and uses them both in small group classes.

The Wunda Chair

A 2-foot box with a spring-supported pedal on one side, this is Pilates done vertically. This is the most advanced piece of equipment and requires control and coordination, as well as pure strength. Especially popular with athletes, cyclists and dancers because of the challenges for strength, stamina, and balance.  

Spine Correctors

A turtle-like apparatus with a smoothly contoured arc and a small ledge on one side. This piece supports the spine in side-bends, back-bends, and shoulder stands. It is a delicious way to end a workout.

Additional Apparatus

You will also find many other classic Pilates apparatus at Kinesia Pilates such as the Ped-i-pole, neck-corrector, foot-corrector, toe-corrector, magic circles, and baby-chair. These are used most often in Private lessons as they are designed to target specific issues.

Pilates In Seattle May Be Just What You’ve Been Looking For

If you want to try Pilates for the first time, an introductory private-orientation lesson is ideal. After your first private lesson, your teacher will make a recommendation on how to get the best results based on your budget and goals. Visit our Pilates in Seattle studio and try our introductory offers. The instructors are always friendly and are expertly trained to cater to all fitness levels. Take control of your health! Drop by Kinesia Pilates today and start learning how the Pilates method can transform your life.