Praise from our Students:"I work a physically demanding job and race bicycles. The core strength and breathing control I have gained have improved my performance. Thank you Kinesia gang, the strength and encouragement I gained from each of you helped me reach the top of the podium this year at USA Cycling Nationals"



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Students come to Kinesia Pilates from all over – West Seattle, Capital Hill, Mercer Island and Bainbridge Island as well as downtown and Pioneer Square – for personalized Pilates classes in an urban, professional environment. Kinesia Pilates is located in Pioneer Square just north of King Street Station, and an easy walk from the Vashon and Bainbridge Island ferry terminals.


Why it works

Pilates workouts get results through intensely focused interval training. By engaging in rhythmic and varied sequences of exercises using concentrated attention, you efficiently build core strength, endurance, balanced flexibility, and cardio fitness.


Stand taller, recover from injuries, lose inches, condition for a marathon, reduce stress – these are some of the benefits people have stated after their classes at Kinesia Pilates.


New to Pilates? Get 50% off your first Private Lesson!

Getting started is easy with a 60 minute private orientation.

Want to take a Pilates test drive, or to talk in person about Private lessons, Apparatus or Mat Classes? Contact us to sign up for a 60-minute orientation. This is a private lesson to to assess your physical health and safety and make informed recommendations about the best program for you. If students come in with extensive Pilates experience, the orientation may end up being a slightly slower-paced private lesson; for people new to Pilates, it is a more basic introduction to the form and exercises, including safe use of the equipment and studio etiquette. Please plan to give us 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or re-schedule this appointment. 


Ask us about our introductory rates for Private Lessons

Contact us by phone at 206-621-8862 or by email to


We specialize in Classical Pilates


Classical Pilates is technology for over-all fitness and good health. We offer personal training on the reformer and other professional studio apparatus in private lessons and duets, small group apparatus classes, and all-levels mat classes. 


Expect a personalized workout in small classes, using Pilates resistance apparatus like the Reformer, Springs, Chair, Tower and Cadillac.


Each 55-minute workout is tailored to your concerns, whether they be healing, weight loss, general fitness or elite conditioning. Learn about our Pilates class offerings.


Our instructors are certified and experienced at helping each individual use the Pilates techniques and apparatus to their best advantage. Our Pilates classes are engaging, inspiring and safe, enabling you to sustain a regular exercise program that conditions and balances the entire body.


Pilates is suitable for men and women from adolescents to seniors. Call us or email for more information or to arrange for a 60-minute orientation.