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Kinesia Pilates offers teacher training in True Pilates, in an unbroken line from Joe Pilates, to Romana Kryzanowska, to you.

We are accepting a limited number of apprentices for personalized mentorship of True Pilates in our studio.  Our professional training in the vocation of a Pilates Teacher is within an international and diverse community of master teachers and apprentices. This includes a comprehensive study of the entire classical system using the Mat, Reformer, and all apparatus. 


Learn how to analyze individual posture and body types, and then use the system to help your clients meet their goal, how to progress and modify exercises for individuals, effective and dynamic small group training, effective and safe virtual teaching, functional anatomy with licensed physical therapists, as well as safe spotting for both yourself and your clients. 

A certification in Romana’s Pilates shows a complete understanding of the True Pilates method, how to lead energizing and safe group classes, and how to adapt the work to each individual in private lessons. We teach you the original material and you learn how to adapt, modify, or take another approach.

In the teacher training program at Kinesia Pilates, we prioritize your personal understanding of the work through your body.  You can enjoy this professional program whether it's for professional training or if you want to dive deep in your personal practice. 

One thing we try NOT to do at Kinesia is dilute or change the exercises or the method. Instead, we give you the skills and tools that you can use creatively to help your clients achieve their goals.


You don’t need software to help you design your exercise plan. Romana’s Pilates trains your mind and your body. You will learn through rote learning and experiential learning. You are tested on both knowledge and practical skills. After graduation you have access to continuing professional education with an international roster of master teachers.​

  • Pilates lineage

    We are affiliated with Romana's Pilates, a global Pilates instructor network and instructor training program that works as a community to assure clients and instructor trainees are provided the most experienced, committed trainers available. 

  • Learn at your own pace 


    Our program places a high value on independent study and a strong mentor to apprentice relationship. We respect each person in their journey. We celebrate diversity in our teaching and practice. Partner with us to create a solid career or take your practice to the professional level. 

  • An international network

    Join a global network of locations in more than 40 countries and 30 US states. This means that your Pilates qualification is international and can travel with you.

  • If you have a passion for Pilates and want to become a professional 

  • For personal enrichment and/or to teach to your loved ones 

  • You are a physical therapist or personal trainer and want to know authentic Pilates to add to your current practice

  • You certified in contemporary Pilates and want to know more about the original Pilates method 

  • You are a dancer, theater artist, writer, or any traveler who needs work between jobs anywhere in the world  

  • You are a transitioning dancer or a fitness teacher looking for a career that keeps you moving

  • You are looking for pre-graduate work that takes care of you physically and financially as you study

  • You are looking for post-career work that takes care of you physically and financially in retirement



Authentic Pilates comprehensive system using all apparatus 

Anatomical biomechanics as it applies to Pilates teaching 

Safe spotting both for you and your clients

Vocal training 

Physical Therapy functional movement workshops 

How to teach safe and fun group classes for all levels and conditions

How to teach engaging, effective private lessons

How to form lasting client relationships

Teaching virtually 

If you are interested in learning, more please contact us..


Kinesia Pilates offers personalized Pilates lessons, small-group classes and movement coaching in Seattle's Pioneer Square and online.

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