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Pilates Classes in Seattle


Small Group Classes

We teach proven techniques that firm up your core, counter the effects of working at a desk, reduce chronic pain, or take your sport to the next level. 



We offer classes designed for any level of fitness. Each class is limited to 4-5 people so everyone can get personalized training. All classes are first-come, first-served so be sure to reserve your spot online. If you drop-in please show up 10 minutes early to claim any unavailable spaces. If you have injuries or chronic pain please see a doctor or a physical therapist before starting in group classes.

Check out our video tutorials for quick tactical tips on the equipment and essential technique so you can get more out of classes.

Need help getting started? Contact Us with your available times and we will help you develop a schedule. More info and schedule here.

Intro Reformer

Get started within a small group

This is an introductory class for complete beginners who are interested in joining group Pilates classes.

In this class, we will show you how to use the Reformer safely, learn the basic technique for the beginner Reformer and Mat exercises, and learn common modifications for beginners.

Pilates Fundamentals


Fundamentals classes use the entire Pilates system in a form of circuit training. Each class includes the the Reformer and Mat and may include other apparatus (Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Tower). Each class will be a little different.

The Fundamentals class is not an introductory class. If you are new to Pilates or to using the Reformer, please start with the "Intro Reformer Classes" or schedule a Private-Orientation.

Reformer Flow


This intermediate level Reformer workout focuses on transitions for a low-impact cardio workout.

Be prepared to workout more independently at a faster pace. Classes are synchronized with a strong emphasis on smooth and controlled transitions. The exercises vary to allow for beginners to advanced levels to work together.

Learn the exercises and transitions in Private lessons and practice in Fundamentals classes before joining this class.



Joe Pilates used springs to ATTAIN the physique of a Greek statue

Adding springs boosts the mat work and helps you get visible results fast. Arm springs, leg springs, roll-back bar, push-through bar... Your teacher will lead you in a variety of exercises to give a full body workout.


Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Challenge your balance and control on this small box with a spring loaded pedal. Step-ups, Push-ups, Handstands, Side Planks and Twists.

Sweaty fun!