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Pilates Classes in Seattle


Small Group Classes

We teach proven techniques that firm up your core, counter the effects of working at a desk, reduce chronic pain, or take your sport to the next level. 


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If you are new to Pilates, or to our studio, please call us to schedule an introductory Private-Orientation lesson for an overview. More info and schedule here.

We recommend 5-10 Privates before joining classes

In Private lessons you learn how to personalize the technique to your goals and needs so you get more out of your classes. 

Contact Us with your available times and we will help you develop a schedule.

Pilates Fundamentals

Fundamentals first.

The Fundamentals class is great for beginners but it's not an introductory level class. If you are new to Pilates or to using the Reformer, please look for our monthly "Intro to Pilates Workshop" or schedule a Private-Orientation before signing up for any group classes.

In the Fundamentals classes the focus is on technique and learning how to use the Reformer and other apparatus (Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Wall Unit) with confidence.  Check out our video tutorials for quick tips on the fundamentals so you can get more out of classes.

If you have injuries or chronic pain please consult with your doctor before starting any new fitness training. Our teachers can give general safety tips, but we cannot accommodate personal training in the class setting. We are happy to help you learn how to modify the work in Private lessons before you join group classes.

If you are seeing a doctor or a physical therapist, be sure to talk to them about starting anything new.

Mixed Levels

In these classes the basics are not explained.

Be prepared to workout more independently at a faster pace. Classes are synchronized, although individual exercises vary to allow for beginners to advanced levels to work together.  You can learn the material in Private lessons and practice your technique in Fundamentals classes before joining this class.


Attend a class. See class schedules.  


Control your schedule on your own time. Find, cancel and reschedule your classes and privates from your phone. You can also purchase appointments and class cards. Free on I-Tunes and Android.