Safe Studio Guidelines

We are excited to offer in-studio private and semi-private lessons following current public health and safety guidelines.

We take your health seriously and take the advice of health experts in creating a safe and hygienic studio.

Scheduling and payment for your lessons will not be done at the front desk to minimize overlap with clients coming and going.

We will take care of scheduling and payments through email, over the phone, or you can use our online scheduling system.

Before entering

● You must arrive with your workout clothes on, there will be no access to changing rooms

● Please wait outside until the start of your lesson. Your teacher will let you in when the previous appointment is leaving.

● Please be wearing your mask. Your teacher will be masked during your visit.

Upon entering

● Take your shoes off at the bench in the locker area.

● Remember to bring clean, unworn socks with you. We are selling new sticky socks if you forget yours.

● Bring a bag for your belongings. Stow them under the bench.

● Waters, phones, and all personal belongings must remain at the designated waiting area.

● Bring your own towel.

● Bring your own water bottle.

● Your teacher will take your temperature with a touch-free thermometer.

● Please wash your hands or use the antibacterial hand gel that we provide at our sanitation station.

Now you are ready to start your lesson!

During your lesson

● Your teacher will guide you through your workouts keeping you focused, safe, and aligned with minimal physical spotting.

● You will be changing your springs and settings on the Reformer and cleaning/putting up your apparatus with the guidance of your teacher.

This is the way Joe Pilates always intended for Pilates to be done anyway!

After your lesson

● Spray down everything you touched. Your teacher will follow after to wipe


● Your lesson will be 50 minutes long to allow time to air the space between clients

What to expect from your teacher

● We wash our hands before and after each lesson.

● We check our temperature using the thermometer at the start of our shift


The studio

● We have over 1100 feet of space with a ceiling height of over 16-ft with ceiling fans for circulation.

● We use disinfecting spray between lessons and allow 10-minutes between appointments.

● If you need to use the bathroom you must wear a mask through the basement offices and spray with Lysol disinfectant when you leave it. We strongly encourage you to use the bathroom at your house prior to coming to the studio.

By entering the studio you acknowledge and accept there’s an increased risk associated with being in public places and businesses, such as our studio and contracting COVID-19.


Creating a healthy society is a community effort. Thank you for working with us to keep our studio clean and safe for all.