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The Pilates "Contrology" method consists of an extensive range of exercises done both with and without equipment. The exercises are designed to flow from one to the next with energy and controlled breathing.


As Pilates gains popularity the exercises are increasingly generalized for easier training in large groups while, at the same time, the most advanced exercises are shown on social media --- but not the methodology that teaches your body how to achieve such exquisite results. 

This program is designed to help you move past the generic Pilates moves including in general fitness. It is detailed but organized in quick and easy to understand lessons.


Pilates is considered "mindful fitness" because there are mindful principles built into the technique. You will learn what these are and how the mindful practice on the mat translates to better equilibrium in your daily life. 

Pilates instructors come from many backgrounds but many have dance or athletic training prior to becoming teachers. From them you will learn athletic discipline and mental focus, as well as precise movement coaching. 

These programs will launch in 2021 - contact us for more info! 


This program introduces you to the basics of the “Pilates Mat”. These calisthenic exercises use no additional equipment but can include small, easy to find props such as therabands, yoga blocks or bolsters, light dumbbells, tennis or pinky balls. 


The primary goal of this program is to break down the core essentials of the technique and address common areas of concern. In this program you will learn the goals of each exercise and ways to modify for your individual needs. 


We will break down the steps for how to safely mobilize and strengthen your spine. Learn how to access your core strength including pelvic floor conditioning. For energy and mind/body training you will be introduced to coordination skills-building. 


This program takes you from Intro to Intermediate level of  “Pilates Mat” which includes exercises up to the Teaser. All Pilates exercises are adaptable to the individual. Learn how to modify and use simple “small props” to change your body. 


Additionally; learn light dumbbell exercises for upper-back and neck strength, myofascial stretches, animal-based crawls and switches, exercises for feet and wrists, and using the theraband with the mat. The Pilates Mat covers everything from your feet to your fingertips. 


Instead of learning fitness “moves”, learn a system of exercises that moves you through all planes of action, and trains your mind/body proprioception so you work smarter and move better. 


Kinesia Pilates offers personalized Pilates lessons, small-group classes and movement coaching in Seattle's Pioneer Square and online.

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