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Pilates Mat – A Rhythmic Bodyweight Workout

Updated: May 16, 2021

Sometimes all you need for a kick-butt workout is yourself and a mat. When it comes to functional fitness and conditioning, you really don’t need much more than a mat and your own body’s strength.

Mat classes are effective for physical conditioning, budget-friendly, and offer a learnable addition to your home and travel self-care routine.

Pilates Mat is done without equipment in a space the size of a beach towel. At Kinesia Pilates we teach the workout found in Joseph Pilates’ "Return to Life Through Contrology" , as well as inspiration from physical culture and dance. You can add small, easy to find props for challenge or variety.

Small props we often use (but not required):

  • Magic circle, yoga block, stuffed animal, or small bolster

  • Light dumbbells or soup cans

  • A hand towel

  • A bath towel

  • Resistance band or strap

The best way to get started is in Private lessons, but taking Intro Mat classes and using books and video tutorials will help you learn faster. The more you practice the more you feel your body change in ways that you like.

To really make a difference you should practice at least 4x weekly. You can choose between working with a teacher in privates and classes and your personal practice from memory or videos.

During COVID we are offering live-stream small group classes so you can still get helpful instruction from a teacher. We plan to continue to teach a hybrid of in-studio classes and live-stream once we can return to safe group experiences.

Kinesia Pilates is dedicated to preserving and teaching the exercises and philosophy of the Joe Pilates “Contrology” method. Our teachers are skilled movement professionals with deep training in a variety of kinesthetic arts and sciences. We teach everyone, from beginner to professional, movement skills for self-care.

To gain a good foundation we recommend taking time to master the basics. At Kinesia Pilates the Intro Pilates Mat class is a basic training course to learn proper form and practice mind/body connections for the classical Pilates Mat.

In our Pilates Fundamentals you practice the basics and progress toward the classical intermediate workout. Most people can understand a more advanced exercise by description only when they are ready to level-up. In the Fundamentals classes the exercises are fully explained with time to make body-mind connections. The pace is moderate to brisk with slower transitions. Props are often used to add more depth and quality to the individual learning experience.

The most advanced level in Pilates moves briskly with low reps and frequent positional changes. The Kinesia Pilates Rhythm and Flow Mat Class is where you can get a cardio workout with flowing and dynamic transitions. This is by instructor permission only to preserve the safety and speed of the class. To be invited you must show mastery and body-knowledge gained through practice.

Pilates mat work provides both physical and mental stimulus. Joining a a group class is motivating whether you are in the studio or joining a live-stream experience. The Pilates mat is easy to practice at home or following videos when you can’t make a class.

Click here to get started.

Learn the Pilates to augment your personal or professional practice! We offer mentorship for Pilates Teacher Training with Romana’s Pilates, an internationally respected training that is broken down into workshops that fit into your life and budget.

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