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Updated: Apr 18, 2021

A regular mindful movement practice is for your head as well as your body.

If you are feeling unbalanced and anxious, consider establishing a regular practice with one of our skilled, compassionate teachers.

Human Interaction Working out alone or with a video can get old after awhile. While we are social distancing, it is important to find ways to feed your spirit with fun social experiences. Working privately with a teacher gives you specific feedback and guidance. In small group classes, you also get to see and communicate with your Pilates friends.

Live-stream classes are opened 5 minutes before the hour for anyone who wants to join early and say “hi”. We mute sound during class, but before and after you have a chance to say “hi” to each other and catch up.

Our teachers offer you the same quality instruction that you would receive in the studio but from a remote location. Our class sizes will remain limited so that we can see you and provide you with personalized cues.

You can schedule online for live-stream:

  • Small Mat Classes

  • Mat Privates and Duets

  • Reformer Privates and Duets

  • Chair or Cadillac Privates and Duets

Duets for Reformer and other Apparatus Duets are for two people who want to work out together. Often the duets will focus on an apparatus; Reformer, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector. If one partner can’t make it, the other has the option to keep the appointment as a Private Lesson. The cost is $50 each if paid separately or share a Private lesson. For Subscribers, it is $25 each.

Live-stream Mat Classes These mixed-level classes are for 2-5 people. Each class is geared towards the individuals who are signed up. Light dumbbells, therabands, magic circles, and towels may be used but are not required.

What you need:

  • A mat

  • A laptop, tablet, or your mobile phone

  • Turn off your screen-saver

  • Lighting from in front (not behind). Just bring over any light source and stage it in front of your mat.

  • Download Zoom on your device

Additionally, you can add (but not required):

  • Magic circle

  • Light dumbbells

  • A hand towel

  • An elastic band

To get the most out of your session we recommend the following:

  • Your laptop camera has the widest angle, but you can use a tablet or your camera phone.

  • Set the camera above and at a diagonal angle to your mat

  • You can use books, towels, and tuna cans to set up the best angle for yourself

  • Set your mat to square with the walls of the room you are in

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