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4 simple steps for success in your New Years health resolutions

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

New years is the perfect time for a fresh start on your health and fitness intentions.

If you are feeling stuck and low-energy after 22-months of pandemic-uncertainty, the very best way to turn things around is to set yourself a fun challenge.

A fun challenge!

Your challenge must be tied to something that has personal value to you, it isn't tied to any awards... And it has to be fun.

Fun challenges should either match your current skill level or be a practice (that you enjoy) that raises your skills. Either will induce a "flow state" in your mind and fills your body with relaxing well-earned dopamine. Flow is a state of being engaged in a task that is difficult but worthwhile.

To find sustained motivation in your life, try adding daily flow into your schedule

What is flow again?

Flow is term used to describe a mental state in which you’re completely absorbed in a difficult but intensely interesting task. For all the details, look up Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (this links to wikipedia, please considered a donation to their organization).

In the flow state you release dopamine into your system, which helps to regulate your emotions and control cravings.

Here are 4 tips on how to incorporate flow state every day:

🔑 Tip 1: Remove distractions.

  • This means silence your phone AND your smartwatch.

  • Distractions are the biggest flow killer. Just think if Romeo and Juliet texted instead of calling to each other from the balcony!

To find a flow state you have to put aside all distractions.

🧠 Tip 2: Set an intention every day.

Are you practicing, learning, or testing your skills through a challenge? You choose!

  • If you are testing your skills be sure the challenge is balanced to your skill level.

  • If you crave a challenge that is beyond your current skill level, then spend the time practicing your skills or learning new ones to meet your big intention.

🎯Tip 3: Determine your goals. The more precise the better.

  • Skill challenges build creative energy but the motivation must be tied to personal appeal, never for a trophy, award, or social approval.

🌬Tip 4: BREATH! Conscious breath work focuses your mind and centers your body.

  • Try this: Inhale 4, hold 2, exhale 6, hold 2

Now you are ready to flow! How will you flow? Part of the fun of finding out!

We hope these tips motivate you to pencil some you time to flow every day, it’s so important!

Other benefits of flow state:

Improved emotional regulation

Control over cravings

Reduces stress

Improved social connections and relationships

Increases creativity, conscientiousness, and other positive mental states

Increases courage and self-reliance

In the studio we can help you find daily flow too.

We are here to help you define your intentions and set your goals.

As you learn and practice we help you expand your goals to prepare for new challenges whether to a flowing workout or learning and refining your technique.

How to get started at Kinesia Pilates

Pilates practice can produce flow state in its own right and it gives you a balanced baseline for strength, coordination, and agility to take on other challenges that appeal to you.

Ultimately "Practice" means something that you enjoy doing that improves your skills and sets you up for successful challenges.

We’d love to see you in the studio to help you build your plan, click here to schedule a free introductory meeting.

Remember to make time to schedule your workouts: Just as important as getting enough sleep, working out regularly can be the best self care by setting aside time for YOU… it’s also an amazing stress buster!

Wishing you a health and happiness in the New Year!

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