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Get the best value for your Pilates investment with monthly subscriptions.  

Our monthly subscriptions makes it easy to access personalized training in Private lessons, Semi-Privates, and get regular practice in live-stream classes and videos.


This recurring monthly subscription gives you eight monthly Semi-Privates or live-stream classes. 


No joining or termination fees.




$35 per class

 15% off Privates or more Classes 


This recurring monthly subscription gives you unlimited monthly Semi-Privates or live-stream classes. 

No joining or termination fees.


$17 per class (at 4x per week) 

20% off Private lessons



This recurring monthly subscription gives you three monthly Private lessons.

No joining or termination fees.


$68 per lesson  

20% further Privates, Semi-Privates or live-stream classes.


Pilates helps you stay nimble and energized only if you practice Pilates regularly. 

To gain and maintain your Pilates body, plan to practice  2x to 4x weekly.  We created monthly subscriptions to help you set a budget and establish your weekly commitment level. We offer a library of archived classes and short workout videos for subscribers to use between appointments. 

The goal of monthly subscriptions is to:

  1. Learn and personalize your Pilates practice

  2. Create a plan that works for your time and budget 

  3. Get regular practice within a fun, supportive community that shares these skills and training

  4. Access to our video library for missed classes, tutorials, and mini-workouts 


We never charge without permission, if you need to late cancel an appointment due to unavoidable circumstances just talk to us. 


If you want to train with us but need financial assistance contact for a financial aid package.  

  • Preferred scheduling

  • Access to video library and premium classes

  • Priority re-scheduling

  • Indefinite standing appointments

  •  Free orientation for family members and referrals

  • Waived late cancel charges


Kinesia Pilates offers personalized Pilates lessons, small-group classes and movement coaching in Seattle's Pioneer Square and online.

314 1st Ave South,  Seattle, WA 98104

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