Classical pilates with certified experienced teachers.

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We specialize in personal training in private lessons and small group classes. 


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  • Practicing the right technique from the beginning is crucial to your safety and success

  • Our teachers are skilled at creating personalized posture training, we don't use cookie cutter methods​

  • What is right for one body isn't right for another, we can show you how to find your best solution 

4 Private Lessons          $278

4 Small Group Classes   $168

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Classical Pilates is holistic self-care exercise. With regular practice it is highly effective at reducing chronic pain and increases your energy and circulation.

Our classically trained and certified Pilates teachers have years of teaching experience. Their instruction is crafted to help you meet your goals, find fun challenges to level-up your skills, and to thrive.

Our locally-owned Seattle Pilates studio is located in the heart of the bohemian Pioneer Square neighborhood. We are located near open cafes, bookstores, boutique retail, and art galleries. 


What makes us different

Classical Pilates and movement coaching that is personalized to you

Private, focused environment 

Gratz Reformer, Wunda Chair, Cadillac, Towers

Certified, experienced classical Pilates teachers


Work at Kinesia Pilates

Work at Kinesia Pilates!

We are currently seeking a front desk rock-star for part-time employement. 

Hiring certified new teachers for all shifts

We offer personalized instructor apprenticeship in Romana's Pilates