5 Perks of Private Pilates Lessons

While Pilates group classes are an excellent way to get a full-body workout in a motivational environment, Private lessons can be more conducive to getting in touch with your weakest links. One-on-one lessons may also be more appealing to some people based on personal preference and ability. At Kinesia Pilates, we offer Private Pilates lessons in which your teacher provides personalized instruction to best suit your body and reach goals.


The following are five perks of private Pilates lessons:

  1. Strong teacher/student bond. Having one-on-one time with an experienced guide will develop a valuable relationship in your quest for self-mastery. Having the instructor to yourself will allow you to open up and express thoughts or concerns more openly than in a group setting, which will make you feel more comfortable with the teacher during each lesson.

  2. A more personal journey. Private lessons are catered specifically to your goals, your body type, and your current ability. Your instructor is able to provide support and direction to ensure your workout is addressing your needs. If you have health concerns or personal issues your teacher will focus each lesson around where the technique will help you, and only you!

  3. Personalized schedule. Consistency is crucial to change your body. No need to work around group classes that are set in stone—with Private lessons, you can create a schedule that works for you on a week to week basis.

  4. Less distraction. Some people may be distracted or intimidated in group settings, in which case Private lessons are a productive alternative. You have your teacher's undivided attention, which helps you concentrate on your work rather than getting distracted by what's happening around you.

  5. Accountability. If you’re having a difficult time keeping to an exercise routine and motivating yourself to start a fitness regime, Private lessons are a great way to hold yourself accountable for your goals. Having an instructor that expects you to be present will help give you that oomph to get yourself to the studio.

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