Fundamentals: They Really Matter!


Never underestimate the importance of practicing basic technique. Taking baby steps is the best way to learn something new, to master a skill, to reach a goal. As you grow in skill, it is good to return to the fundamentals to practice greater precision and mastery. 

Think of a new car. When you first get in you bang your head, can't find the switch you want, your seat adjustments turn into a carnival ride, and sometimes, embarrassingly, you set off an alarm. At first, each element of your new car is fascinating and exciting. After a while, you can do anything you want without thinking about it at all. You have mastered your car.  

Cumulative learning is especially true in Pilates, where exercises build on each other starting from essential movement principles. It’s crucial to begin your Pilates journey by mastering the basic exercises. The fundamentals teach you how to address your own personal needs and goals.

You are only as strong as your most neglected link, and overworking or straining yourself is guaranteed to set you back. If you want to move forward and have fun with your body, address your limitations in our Fundamentals Classes or Private Lessons. Intelligent attention to technique is what makes Pilates exercise effective and prevents injury.

Private Lessons are personal training in Pilates

For most people it takes 5-10 Private lessons to feel confident in a Fundamental class. The more often you come in the beginning, the faster you will build your foundation. When you can retain the movement principles and remember the exercises, you will feel a significant change that other people will notice. It is more than physical. A healthy body looks confident, you can do more physically than you ever thought possible, you can do the workout fast and get a cardio benefit.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged to take our Fundamentals classes.

We highly recommend 1-5 Private lessons to get the most our of your classes.

What to expect:

  • Learn how to follow the 6 Principles of Pilates: Breath, Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision, Flowing movement

  • Basic training for beginners who are just learning the material

  • Experienced students who want to refine their technique

  • Form mind/body connections using Pilates

  • How to use the Reformer and other apparatus safely

  • Learn the sequence of your workout so you hit more muscle groups and get a cardio benefit